Monday, February 6, 2012

WEEK 03/52 - Taipei, Taiwan

i'd like to apologize with all my heart for my absence lately due to exams, sickness and personal issues. from now on, posts will appear more regularly, it's a promise! also i've decided to change blog structure a little bit - we'll focuse more on the spirit of the whole idea - your opinions - while my comments will be background and background only. :) i'd like to show you more 'private pile' postcards as well. i'm always so curious of what do you think about your spot, city, country and what you'd recommend! please share thoughts with us :)

in the meantime i'd like to show the first Asian postcard here, sent from Taiwan by lovely Yi-Ting Chen. thank you so much dear! it came earlier this year after more than a month of travel. what we can see there is an insight of Shangi-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei.
let's have a glimpse of the postcard & of what the sender herself wrote us:


postcard sent by Yi-Ting Chen, thank you!

my first association with Taipei City is a landmark, 509 metres high and formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center. it was considered  world's tallest building until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. i'm lucky to have a view showing this exquisite example of architecture in my postcard collection - it is at the same time one of the very first postcards i've received via official exchange on postcrossing back in 2010 when my adventure begun :) hope you'll like this at least as much as i do.

postcard sent by Miya via

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