Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is '52 postcards'?

warmly welcome to the ' travel the world in 52 postcards ' project.  so glad to have you here!

about the project is a personal concept created with cherish for traditional mail. using a postcard as a tool of knowledge and comprehension, the main goal is to show exquisite places through your eyes. starting from January 1st, each week of the forthcoming year will be a unique adventure through the beauty and diversity of our planet. composing 52 remarkable trips by the end of a year as a source of information, entertainment & inspiration - this is a dream which can come true but it’s not possible without you!

the postcards
mailed from all over the world, they will be placed in individual blog posts meant to give you detailed information, descriptions of a destination and most importantly - inspiration. the project aims to present 52 pages of the most electrifying book about the travelling world – the one that is written by ourselves. let us know a piece of your culture, history, cuisine, everyday life. write about your city or your favourite spot, what you adore and consider worth seeing or what do you find weird and odd. you can describe the geographical space around you or  sights made by human hand to admire.  scenic beauty of landscapes, breathtaking cities, natural wonders and architecture – we dream to see it all!

take part in the journey  with three easy steps:
1/ choose a postcard you like
2/ write about anything that comes to mind
describe your city or favourite travelling spot. tell us about nature, architecture, the weather; culture, customs or everyday life, something that fascinates or upsets you, something curious, unique, interesting or strange, weird and controversial. we want to experience that with you. share adventure to the world...
3/...and mail it!

please contact me via for details and any questions.

extremely  happy to have you as a part of the adventure!
be imaginative, stay inspired

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